Taptrails offers you a new tool for visibility.  We drive awareness and provide incentive for out of area customers to explore breweries in your area (your Taptrail).  We also incent local customers to expand their familiarity with your offering.  Best of all, there is no cost to you!


Taptrails also offers you other optional customer communication and marketing tools to improve business and efficiency.


Taptrails helps you increase your customer base.


• By cross-linking to other trails in your area, you will get exposure and visits from customers who would otherwise be unfamiliar with your business.

• Taptrails will become the preferred source for traveling beer lovers, giving them an easy way to find your brewery when traveling to your area.

• Taptrails will market to your local hotel and tourism industry, bringing awareness to out of town visitors.


Why participate with Taptrails?


• There is no cost to participate.  We simply ask that you offer a discount equivalent to $2.00 per visitor.  If you sell the Taptrails packet at your facility, you will keep $2.00 of the sale price, negating the discount offered.

• Taptrails give you increased awareness locally and nationally.

• Through Taptrails, you get access to a larger marketing channel.

• Taptrails offers you cutting edge marketing and communication tools.